Michael Baker
Shannon and Mike Baker

Founders and Owners of the PRstore

No marketing firm in the area has more brand building experience than Michael and Shannon Baker. 

Mike Baker
Mike has over 25 years of marketing experience with some of the country’s strongest brands.  His career has included senior marketing positions with Coca Cola, Blockbuster, DDB Advertising, and the Kimberly Clark Corporation.  Most recently he served as a Chief Marketing Officer with YUM! Brands in Louisville.  As the Director of Media and Local Marketing at BlockbusterMike managed the planning and spending of a $20 Million media budget.  Mike’s marketing career has touched all aspects of successful brand marketing including brand strategy, local grassroots programs and effective media strategy.  

Shannon Baker
Shannon began her career as a lobbyist in Washington DC responsible for federal, state, local and international public policy outcomes.  She was also active in a number of campaigns for public office and has extensive trade association experience.  More recently, Shannon held senior marketing, branding and business strategy positions with the Burger King Corporation.

The Bakers' Philosophy
"Throughout our careers, we hired a number of ad agencies and usually ended up being frustrated by some of their practices.  So when we opened the PRstore, we decided to create an agency that was actually designed with the client in mind," noted Mike.  "We start with marketing ideas that actually drive sales. We then add business practices that are actually client friendly."  Shannon added, "That's why we do not insist on a contract or a retainer and we do not charge rush fees.  We also have a "no surprises" philosophy when it comes to invoices.  Our clients never receive a bill that surprises them.  We focus on providing affordable, high quality business building solutions in a client centric way."  "If we do it right, Mike continued, we'll be working with these same clients ten years from now.  That's our ultimate goal."

The PRStore Difference

The PRStore combines world-class marketing experience with smart strategies, simple one-stop service, and affordable pricing.