Smartphones Are Everyone’s New Best Friend

Move over dogs…because whether you are nomophobic or not, you have to admit, your smartphone is your new best friend. 56% of all Americans own one and that number is growing by the minute. Just walk by the Apple Store in the mall and feel the smartphone frenzy.

The statistics are mindboggling. In a recent study by Time magazine, 84% of respondents said, “they could not go a single day without their smartphone.” 50% of Americans also sleep next to their phone (Enough said.).

Every time a person is even remotely bored, they pull out their cell phone. If you are waiting in line, waiting for someone to meet you, no matter what the occasion, if there is idle time, your phone is your faithful companion. Your smartphone will always be there for you, unless, of course, you drop it into water (Don’t do that.).

Your smartphone loves you but it hates traditional websites. Old websites don’t convert to the size of the smartphone screen and everything is more difficult to access and read. Enter responsive websites. They morph the traditional website into the perfect screen size for your best buddy. They also condense text to a legible size, making photos smaller, reduce menus to pancake format and remove annoying information that your smartphone doesn’t need.

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Remember, friends don’t let friends visit outdated websites.

Are You A Compulsive Smartphone User?

Are you a compulsive smartphone user? It’s 2:37 am. You wake up and ten seconds later, you fumble for the most important device in your life: your smartphone. You check your text messages, email, Facebook, the weather app and before you know it, it is 3:37 am. Face it, you just might be a compulsive user.

When you wake, do you reach for your phone before the toothbrush?

Do you check your phone during a conversation? (The face-to-face kind.)

Do you use your phone while working out?

Do you scan every social situation for Snapchat posting potential?

Do you take selfies while attending a famous person’s funeral?

Have you checked your phone while at a movie even after the theatre had asked everyone to avoid it?

Do you check your phone during a job interview? (This really impresses the employer.)

Have you ever used your phone while in a bathroom stall? (Be honest here.)

You’re not alone. The average compulsive user checks their phone over 34 times a day. It has become so ingrained in compulsive users that they can now imagine the feeling and reach for their phone, even when no ring or ping has actually occurred.

Compulsive smartphone users use their phone to do everything so if you want to sell them something then you better have a website that is smartphone friendly.

A responsive website adjusts to the size of the smartphone screen, allowing for optimum navigation, pixel perfect pictures and the ability to read words at the perfect size. An investment in a responsive website is an investment in attracting the smartphone user to your business.

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BREAKING NEWS: Google LOVES Responsive Websites!

Yes, it is true, Google loves a responsive website. With a website that is able to conform to whatever mobile device a user is using, Google can easily index your website and improve your place among the thousands of links that appear during a keyword search. This will move your website closer to the top and improve your click through rate.

Google also monitors how long each person spends on your website and uses this information to improve your position. A responsive website will make it easier for consumers to spend more time browsing your offerings and, at the same time, move you even closer to the top of the search list.

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Don’t lose out—make Google fall in love with you, too.