The PC: Death by 1000 Texts

On December 3, 1992, Neil Papworth, a 22-year-old engineer, sent the first text message from his personal computer to his boss’s cellphone. It read: “Merry Christmas” and revolutionized the way we communicate. From its humble beginnings 24 years ago, texting has exploded into the world’s preferred method of communication.

Over 350 billion text messages are sent each month globally.
90% of cellphone users worldwide text at least once per day.
18 to 24 year olds are the heaviest texters averaging 110 sent and received texts a day.
Texting is just another nail in the PC coffin. Last year, PC shipments declined by 9.5% in the second quarter, while Apple reported shipping 61 million iPhones during the same period. In 2015, mobile web searches also passed PC web searches, further proof of the PC demise.

Google is also an accomplice in the death of PCs. They prioritize websites that are mobile friendly—responsive websites—and penalize websites that remain static and difficult to read on a tablet or smartphone.

So, it’s time to upgrade your website to a smartphone friendly responsive website. A responsive website adjusts to the size of the smartphone screen, allowing for optimum navigation, pixel perfect pictures and the ability to read words at the perfect size. An investment in a responsive website is an investment in attracting the smartphone user to your business.

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Smartphones Are Everyone’s New Best Friend

Move over dogs…because whether you are nomophobic or not, you have to admit, your smartphone is your new best friend. 56% of all Americans own one and that number is growing by the minute. Just walk by the Apple Store in the mall and feel the smartphone frenzy.

The statistics are mindboggling. In a recent study by Time magazine, 84% of respondents said, “they could not go a single day without their smartphone.” 50% of Americans also sleep next to their phone (Enough said.).

Every time a person is even remotely bored, they pull out their cell phone. If you are waiting in line, waiting for someone to meet you, no matter what the occasion, if there is idle time, your phone is your faithful companion. Your smartphone will always be there for you, unless, of course, you drop it into water (Don’t do that.).

Your smartphone loves you but it hates traditional websites. Old websites don’t convert to the size of the smartphone screen and everything is more difficult to access and read. Enter responsive websites. They morph the traditional website into the perfect screen size for your best buddy. They also condense text to a legible size, making photos smaller, reduce menus to pancake format and remove annoying information that your smartphone doesn’t need.

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Remember, friends don’t let friends visit outdated websites.

You Deserve a Free Webstore!

You’ve worked hard to get this far. No matter what kind of business you’re in, you’re bound to have had some days where it feels like the odds were stacked against you. If there’s one lesson you’ve learned, it’s that nothing comes for free. Right?

At the PRStore, we’ve got something that does come for free: a fully-functional company webstore that will keep your employees supplied with branded merchandise. Once you’ve selected the items and designs you like, we’ll handle all the orders and fulfillment, leaving you to focus on meeting the challenges of long-term success.

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Stop Ordering Stuff For Your Employees!

Smart entrepreneurs know that the most successful business leaders have mastered focusing their time on what’s really important. Finding the best people, cultivating great customer relationships, and making the right long-term decisions are all difficult – even without the background noise of phone calls, emails, and meetings. It’s like trying to write a novel while running an obstacle course!

At the PRStore, we can clear at least one hurdle for you by creating a FREE webstore for your employees’ company-branded clothing and other supplies.
This one-stop-shopping site allows your employees to browse a list of approved gear, place orders, and receive what they need, all while you save your most important resource: your time.

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No More Employee Supplies Inventory Nightmares!

Every time you open the closet door, the neat stacks of T-shirts have fallen all over each other. After five minutes of digging, all you know is that you have 20 XXLs and no mediums. Above that is a box filled with coffee mugs the supplier wouldn’t take back, even though the company logo is the wrong color. Does branded merchandise really have to be this much of a headache?

Absolutely not!

At the PRStore, we don’t just make your inventory easier to handle – we take care of it entirely. With our FREE webstores, your employees can order the exact items they need and have them delivered directly, saving money in your budget, time on your schedule, and space in your office. Once we have a list of approved merchandise and employees, you’ll never have to deal with that closet again.

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