Smartphones Are Everyone’s New Best Friend

Move over dogs…because whether you are nomophobic or not, you have to admit, your smartphone is your new best friend. 56% of all Americans own one and that number is growing by the minute. Just walk by the Apple Store in the mall and feel the smartphone frenzy.

The statistics are mindboggling. In a recent study by Time magazine, 84% of respondents said, “they could not go a single day without their smartphone.” 50% of Americans also sleep next to their phone (Enough said.).

Every time a person is even remotely bored, they pull out their cell phone. If you are waiting in line, waiting for someone to meet you, no matter what the occasion, if there is idle time, your phone is your faithful companion. Your smartphone will always be there for you, unless, of course, you drop it into water (Don’t do that.).

Your smartphone loves you but it hates traditional websites. Old websites don’t convert to the size of the smartphone screen and everything is more difficult to access and read. Enter responsive websites. They morph the traditional website into the perfect screen size for your best buddy. They also condense text to a legible size, making photos smaller, reduce menus to pancake format and remove annoying information that your smartphone doesn’t need.

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Remember, friends don’t let friends visit outdated websites.

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